You're armed with take-on-the-world dreams,
a message you're aching to share,
and the desire to be seen & heard.


You already know that words have the power to
ignite hearts,
open minds,
and wake-up the world.


But not just any words will do.


You need words that are soul-fire.
Distinctive words that breathe conviction and create a movement.


It's time to build a brand voice that is...

undeniably yours.


Here's how we can work together.


Let's define your brand voice.  We'll start with archetypes + some soul searching.  Align your values with your message.  I'll write you fresh, versatile copy that's distinctive, undeniably you and breathes conviction by declaring what you stand for.  Then I'll show all the ways you can use it in your messaging.





That one page, the one that took you 2 days to start.  The one that was torturous to write.  The one that sounds like you swallowed a corporate robot (SO not you).  You can't even look at that page without giving it side-eye.  And you sure as hell don't want to send anyone there.

If you're struggling with a page/headline/email that you just can't get right & want to jam with a pro to help brainstorm/ make suggestions/ edit the hell out of it - Copy CPR is here to give you clarity, get your creativity fired up & give you words to be proud of.

price $247 CAD

price $1277 CAD