Social Media Bio Checklist

Social Media Bio Checklist


Social media bios trip us up the same way that About Pages do.

”Um…I’m supposed to talk about myself? Sooooo…what should I say?”

And don’t forget you need to squish it into a 150 character soundbite that inspires people to follow you.

”Riiiiight, no problem” [insert awkward smile here]

This guide won’t tell you what to say…but it’ll spark some ideas.
This guide won‘t give you a fill-in-the-blank formula…but it’ll provide inspiration to do it your own way.
This guide won’t turn you into a social media influencer…but it will help you master YOUR social media bio.

Inside you’ll find…

>> 8 things to include in your social media bio (no you don’t have to do all 8).

>> 6 annotated examples of social media bios that work (entrepreneurs, companies, and celebrities included)

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And you really wish you had someone to help you brainstorm new ideas,
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like right this second.

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