Anatomy of a Sales Page Workbook

Anatomy of a Sales Page Workbook


She always knew exactly what to say.
The way she phrased her arguments.
Helped you see things so clearly. Without ever being pushy.
Quietly insistent, never in your face.
Compelling, always, never boring.
She wouldn’t be caught dead being “salesy”.

And yet she had your heart from the first word.

I’ve designed the Anatomy of a Sales Page workbook to walk you through it all.

I’ll tell you which sections are mandatory (aka don’t you dare write a sales page without ‘em) and which are optional (ahem, CEO’s discretion - that’s you). I’ll let you in on the psychology behind each section so you understand what you’re trying to achieve. And I’ll give you space to get started in this 49-page fillable PDF.

What’s inside. . .

>> the 3 variables that determine length of a sales page so you can stop guessing

>> 5 writing prompts to get you started and give you clarity so you’re not staring at a blank page.

>> a description of the various sections of a sales page (from hook to CTA and everything in between) the psychology behind each one and whether it’s mandatory or optional.

>> fillable sections so you never have to leave the document

>> an example walking you through one of my own sales pages. I’ll show you real copy for each of the mandatory sections so you can see it in action.

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And you really wish you had someone to help you brainstorm new ideas,
ask the right questions,
nudge you in the right direction
like right this second.

Now You Do.