Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck


She sits curled up in her favourite corner of the couch.
Fresh notebook crisp and waiting in her lap.
Pen poised.
The music is moody and evocative. Aurora. Bon Iver.
And she feels the spark of inspiration light her up.
Her pen races across the page. Beautiful cursive letters translate her heart into prose.

And they will hang on every word.

The Getting Unstuck Workbook is a gathering of all the medicine & magic I know to soothe and inspire your creativity.

When you need to write but just can’t get started. Try this. . .

You’ll receive

7 strategies to prevent getting stuck in the first place.

8 in the moment unblocking methods when you need it the most.

9 writing prompts to help you put words on the page today.

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And you really wish you had someone to help you brainstorm new ideas,
ask the right questions,
nudge you in the right direction
like right this second.

Now You Do.