Creative Naming Workbook

Creative Naming Workbook


Naming your business is hard!! Ditto for your products or services. Not quite the level of naming your children…but close.

And naming architecture matters. 

Because the way you name your business, your products and your services is another opportunity to emotionally connect with clients. To shout out your personality & your values so that your ideal clients recognize themselves and want to be a part of your brand experience.

Taking the time to come up with brilliant, creative names that connect with your tribe - worth it every time.

In this workbook…

>> I’ll walk you through my favourite creative naming strategy as we name a pretend business together.

>> I’ll give you plenty of space to go through each step yourself so you never have to leave the doc to start brainstorming

>> And if you’re still stumped I’ll give you a list of my favourite go-to places to find name inspiration - including where I found the inspiration for MY business name

>> Plus a list of my 5 favourite websites to help you find the perfect, magical mix of words to describe what you do

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And you really wish you had someone to help you brainstorm new ideas,
ask the right questions,
nudge you in the right direction
like right this second.

Now You Do.