The 2 Week Version

Once you decide to work with Heartlines Copywriting Studio you'll receive a Welcome Package with ALL the details of our project.  

Step 1: We'll discuss a start date & I'll give you 4 Mondays to choose from.  Once that's settled it's time to get down to work.

Step 2:  If you haven't already, you'll complete my Brand Personality Quiz by the Friday BEFORE your start date.  This will help me determine your dominant Brand Personality.

Step 3: I'll send you a link to my Creative Brief & you'll complete that by the Friday BEFORE your start date.  It tells me everything I need to know about you & your biz.  It's also how I'll determine your 2 supporting brand personalities.  It's vital for me to be able to deliver the words that both you AND your ideal clients will love.  This is something you'll need to take your time with, consider the questions carefully & answer as thoroughly as possible.

Step 4: I'll take the weekend to cozy up with my favourite cup of tea & get intimate with all the great info, you've provided.  I'll do any extra research & come prepared to start on Monday with ideas already percolating.

Step 5: On your start date you'll receive another email from me by 4pm EST with further questions.  You'll have 24 hours to fire back with your answers.  

Step 6:  Then you can expect mostly silence for the rest of that first week while I focus all my creative superpowers (or at least my copywriting & brand strategy skills) on the first version of deliverables which will hit your inbox by Friday 7pm EST at the end of the first week.

Step 7: Then, it's your turn to grab your favourite beverage & cozy up with the copy you've received.  Take your time with it.  Decide what you love.  Decide what might still need some tweaking.  Then get back to me by 7pm EST Monday with detailed comments on what's not quite right & why.  The more detailed & specific you are the better chance I'll have at revising it into something you'll fall head over heels for.  Vague or ambiguous comments will lead to a flurry of emails from me asking for clarification - & who wants that?

Step 8: By Wednesday 7pm EST you'll have version 2 in your inbox.  You second round of edits & comments are due back in 24 hours.  That's 7pm EST Thursday.  

Step 9: By Friday 7pm EST on week 2 you'll have the final version polished, pretty & waiting in your inbox.

Then it's time to put up your feet & enjoy the weekend with the added peace of mind that you now have some stunning brand messaging that's aligned with your personality, designed to attract your ideal client & help your company stand out.


 Any questions don't hesitate to send an email to