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We'll meet "face to face" via Zoom.  We'll discuss that page/email/headline that's been stumping you.  I'll give you creative feedback.  Help you brainstorm fresh words & ideas that cut to the heart of your message & still sound like they're coming from you.

We'll discuss your goal for the page (or piece) that you're writing & some of the psychology to keep in mind when we're writing with that purpose.  And you can fill me in on your tribe, your people, what moves them, what inspires them & what totally turns them off.

Together we'll talk it out, toss ideas around & play with words on paper for 90 min until you have clarity & a place to start.  It feels SO good to know you're headed in the right direction with words & ideas that get you excited & a plan for writing that makes tacking that page not so torturous after all.

What happens after I purchase?
Head right here to my Calendly page to book a time slot that works with your schedule.  If you don't see anything that works with your timezone send me an email at & we'll make a special date.  Don't worry if you forget, an email will be headed your way to say welcome! & you can always book then.

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