Most people have a job.
But YOU have a calling.

The work you do is vital, necessary and more often than not - the stakes are high.

You helped to provide food for the little boy with soulful brown eyes who hasn't eaten in days, his clothes hanging limply from his thin frame.

You helped rescue the puppies, shaking with terror from their cages in the mill and showed them for the first time that humans could be kind.  And that freedom smelled like dew-covered grass on a bright morning.

You successfully petitioned the government and rallied the support of thousands to preserve an area of biodiverse wilderness, home to countless plants and animals.

Every success you earn is a ringing achievement for all of us.  You're tipping the scales in favour of hope, compassion and generosity.  Your work is a demonstration of these values lived out every day.  

But your work is far from over.

You and I know there will always be a need for your organization.  And you will always need generous donors and volunteers to keep you alive.

The need is so great - it often feels overwhelming.
And it's frustrating to think of someone spending $500 on another pair of shoes when you know how far that money could go in the hands of your organization.

But even when people are willing to donate they're paralyzed with choices.

How do you convince donors that your organization is worth investing in?

How do you inspire donors to care about your work as much as you do?

Sometimes your website feels just as effective as shouting from the rooftops.

Not any more.

Introducing Heartlines Copywriting Studio: a company dedicated to providing compelling copy for nonprofits who never want to watch another indecisive donor pass them by.  For nonprofits who know that it isn't enough to be passionate about your cause unless you can inspire that passion in others.  It's about using the right language to tell stories that will captivate their attention, their hearts AND their donations.  I tell the stories that desperately need to be told.  Stories of the lives you've transformed.  The animals you've saved.  The piece of the planet you've helped to protect.  But most importantly I tell your stories in a way that inspires donors to take action.

  • Homepages that hook in 5 seconds or less.  'Cause that's how long you have to show them who you are, what you do and why they should care.  And when every second does every word.
  • With Donation or Volunteer pages that stir readers to take action.  You need a copywriter who can blend the voice of your organization with the language of your donor.  Creating a seamless experience that triggers exactly the right emotion.  And the seemingly super-human ability to crawl inside the mind of your donor and write just for that person. (In the pricing packages this is considered a sales page)
  • With Content pages that nurture the donor relationship and give the hesitant good Samaritan a reason to keep coming back.  All while building your relationship as a knowledgeable, trustworthy and transparent nonprofit that delivers.  And the more your great content gets shared the more people discover your awesome organization.
  • With About pages that ditch the corporate-sounding, customer-alienating CV and give donors another reason to care.  About you.  About your organization.  And one more reason for them to donate or volunteer.
  • You'll never just receive a doc of text.  I always explain everything.  Paragraph by paragraph (sometimes line by line or even highlighting individual words).  In fact, I've been known to write 2 - 3 pages of explanation for a single page of copy.  I'll take you through the copy from the point of view of a reader.  I'll show you all the consumer psychology and persuasive writing techniques that brought your individual page to life.  I'll let you know the purpose of a hook, where it starts & stops on your page & why it works.
    Why would you want to know all of these details?  Because when you're better informed you can ask better questions.  Because it might allow you to see your customers in a new light.  And because if you need to write or tweak something later on your own?  You'll be in a much better position to write something that resonates.

Bottom Line: I use emotionally compelling language to attract passionate supporters to your cause.  So you can focus on spreading more hope, compassion and generosity in this world - instead of always wondering how you're going to pay for it.


Contact me today to discuss how your organization can stand out in a sea of worthy charities.




1.  Why did you call your business Heartlines Copywriting Studio?

Because we all know about hooks and headlines but the truth is if you aren't writing in a way that speaks to your clients' hearts - that tugs on their emotions - then your words won't be effective.  Heartlines grab their attention because it makes them FEEL something.  Also, I'm a bit of a romantic and I love the idea of following your heart, letting your intuition and passion guide you through life.  

2.  Do you do all the work yourself or do you outsource?

You can rest assured that when you hire me I'll do all the work you've contracted me to do myself.

3.  Want to know more about how it all works?

Are you a detail oriented person?  Cool, check out the Heartlines Process over on this page.  I'll give you all the details you're dying to know.

4.  You're in Canada (in a small town I've never heard of) and I'm not.  Can we still work together?

Absolutely!  Yes, I live in a post-card worthy small town with not much happening but at least we've got Wifi!  Which means we can communicate through email, phone and Skype.  Don't you just love the internet?

5.  Do you like kids?  What about animals?

Yep, I have two kids ages 5 and 3.  Parenting is the best, worst, most amazing, hardest, most rewarding, most challenging but I-wouldn't-change-anything-for-the-world job, right?  I also love animals although our current menagerie only includes our much beloved dog, Abby.  Want to know more personal stuff?  Head over to the About page.  Or this blog post where I answer the Proust questionnaire.

6.  Where else can I read your writing?

I'm so flattered you asked (blushing)!  You can always check out the blog here on this website.  I've also done quite a bit of writing over on Medium, although not all of it business related.

7.  I live on social media...therefore we must be friends!

Cool!  Well you can always follow me on Twitter @JessMDrury or check out my Facebook page if social is your thing.  I usually post tons of great articles on social media marketing, productivity, motivation, creativity, marketing strategy, design and entrepreneurship.


Don't let another donor pass you by.  With just a few clicks you can give donors a reason to care and THAT will stop them in their tracks.