Women are becoming entrepreneurs at double the rate of men.

So welcome to the sisterhood!

Whether all you've got is an idea...
Or you're swirling your way through the side-hustle + full-time gig + somehow having a life tango.

You've got questions.

And want some advice tailored to YOUR situation.  Not general how to's or inspiration from a blog.

You're probably wondering...

  • How do I start bringing in money...like now?
  • Or, what's my long game?
  • I just need someone to read this sales page & tell me if it's crap! Plus how to fix it.
  • Is my niche too big or too small?  I've heard "everybody" doesn't count.
  • Do I even need a copywriter?  Yep, I WILL tell you if you're not ready yet.
  • What's my next step?
  • How can I tell if I can turn this idea into an actual business?
  • How do I find my voice (& not sound like everyone else)?


We've all had those questions.  And sometimes talking it out with someone else a few steps ahead but still in the trenches can give you the clarity & confidence to keep moving forward.

I've got 2 options for my new-to-biz sisters.


90 minute call $187CAD
(only 4 spaces available/ month)


We'll meet "face-to-face" via Zoom.  We'll discuss your most pressing branding/copy problem.  If you've got words on a page I'm happy to look at them & give you a pro's opinion.  If you haven't got that far...no worries!  I'll help you flesh out your idea/ideal client/next steps so you know where you should focus.

I LOVE talking business & have been privileged to chat with women all over the world about what they're creating.  Sometimes you just need to get out of your head & talk it through with someone who's been there.  Because the clarity & confidence to move forward can feel invaluable when you're just getting started.



validate your heart $497 CAD
(Save $549 from a la Carte Pricing)

Validate your business idea and get started now

We're all about following your heart lines around here but sometimes before you build an entire business (or website) you need to know it's going to work & get dollars in the door to prove it.

What you receive ...

- A 60-minute Zoom sesh with me where we hash out all the details & I help you get crystal clear on your offer & audience.

- 1 landing page.  So you have a place to send those warm leads (aka people who raise their hand & say they want to know more about working with you).  NB: This is NOT a fully fledged sales page.  We're keeping it short & sweet but still compelling.

- A written elevator pitch.  Your "who, what & why me" statement for you to use on social media (or anywhere else) when someone asks the dreaded, "So, what's your business?" question.  And, just like a verbal elevator pitch, the goal is for them to say, "Tell me more!".  It's so handy you've got that landing page now. ;)

Kindred Copy VIP (1).png

Prefer to DIY?  I'm creating a course that will be 2 parts copywriting magic, 1 part mastering your Brand Voice, a generous dash of soulful inspiration & tied together with a creative & compassionate community.  You can find out more here.