You might be new to entrepreneurship,
but you're armed with

take-on-the-world dreams,

a message you're aching to share,

a desire to be seen + heard,

ideas of making your own hours, your own rules and generally telling anyone that says it HAS TO BE DONE THIS WAY to f*ck right off.

Because you aren't building a cookie-cutter, fill-in-the-blank business and you need the WORDS to show it.  You're determined to get it right the first time with a brand voice that's true to you AND the vision of what you're building.

I've got 3 options for my new-to-biz entrepreneurs.


90 minute call $187CAD
(only 4 spaces available/ month)


We'll meet "face-to-face" via Zoom.  We'll discuss your most pressing branding/copy problem.  If you've got words on a page I'm happy to look at them & give you a pro's opinion.  If you haven't got that worries!  I'll help you flesh out your idea/ideal client/next steps so you know where you should focus.

I LOVE talking business & have been privileged to chat with women all over the world about what they're creating.  Sometimes you just need to get out of your head & talk it through with someone who's been there.  Because the clarity & confidence to move forward can feel invaluable when you're just getting started.



validate your heart $497 CAD
(Save $549 from a la Carte Pricing)

Validate your business idea and get started now

We're all about following your heart lines around here but sometimes before you build an entire business (or website) you need to know it's going to work & get dollars in the door to prove it.

What you receive ...

- A 60-minute Zoom sesh with me where we hash out all the details & I help you get crystal clear on your offer & audience.

- 1 landing page.  So you have a place to send those warm leads (aka people who raise their hand & say they want to know more about working with you).  NB: This is NOT a fully fledged sales page.  We're keeping it short & sweet but still compelling.

- A written elevator pitch.  Your "who, what & why me" statement for you to use on social media (or anywhere else) when someone asks the dreaded, "So, what's your business?" question.  And, just like a verbal elevator pitch, the goal is for them to say, "Tell me more!".  It's so handy you've got that landing page now. ;)


deeper than words
The copywriting course
$997 CAD

If you're craving clarity & a place to start.  If you're craving the confidence to OWN your voice.  And you want the creative control that comes with learning copywriting for yourself, then I have the perfect DIY solution for you.  Deeper Than Words is an archetype-based copywriting course for creative entrepreneurs ready to infuse their writing with soul & personality.  It has workbooks to help you craft all the major pages of your website.  And writing techniques you can apply anywhere.  Check out all the details, including when the next round will happen, right here or click the button below.


Join the VIP Client List (without ever having to be a client).  You'll receive exclusive, TOP SECRET offers to work with me not advertised anywhere else.  All at a fraction of the cost of my basic website package.  Every month you'll receive a new offer good for 30 days.