Kindred Copy VIP 

Please keep in mind I can usually complete about 1 deliverable/week (there are a few exceptions like social media posts & other small items)  Your unused hours will not be discounted from your monthly bill.  This way you get the peace of mind that your monthly bill will always be the same.  It's also important to note that unused hours cannot be carried over to the next month.



Everything I write will be 100% unique to you and your business.  Reduce, reuse and recycle does not apply here.  How could it?  Your business is not like anyone else's right?  And you deserve your very own unique words and phrases that will make your business shine.



I solemnly swear you'll never receive a first draft of anything.  And while I aim for everything you see to be polished, perfect and completely free of any grammatical, typographical and factual errors I cannot make guarantees.  I am, after all, human and not a robot (and they have yet to make a grammar checking program that can discern the nuances of human communication).  This means you agree to proofread all materials submitted to you an indemnify Heartlines Copywriting Studio against any and all claims, losses, damages and expenses arising from or relating to offer of goods, information and for services online or offline or based on a claim that the content/copywriting violates the laws, codes, regulations or statues of any jurisdiction.

Although I make every effort to ensure your copy complies with the law I'm not an attorney (my fees would be much higher) therefore you accept responsibility for the content validity (and you submit the copy for legal review as you see fit).



Aren't you glad no one actually dies when these get missed?  That said if you do miss a deadline the original time commitments of (2 or 6 weeks) may not be met.  I'm the kind of writer whose brain functions much better with sleep than without.

And while I do my best to be flexible and accommodating to my clients (because you guys are awesome) sometimes unmet deadlines mean you'll have to re-book.  You see timelines may not be able to be moved back if they run smack into a fully booked calendar out of respect to the clients who have scheduled that time. 

Obviously this will never happen out of the blue and we'll have open lines of communication throughout our time together in case you have questions, the deadline gods are against us or you discover a time machine that allows us infinite do-overs.


Extra Work

In certain instances extra work will come with extra fees.  Never without giving you a heads up first though...remember those open lines of communication?  They still apply.

1) After a total rewrite when I've already confirmed the tone and direction you want to go for the project

2) you supply a new version that supersedes a version we've already agreed is final and request further editing to be done/ magic to be worked.

3) Unfortunately should you choose to delete, request that I delete or decide not to use text I've written there will be no cost reduction.



There are many factors such as competition, product, market, price, list, demand, customer preference and major events - that I cannot control.  Therefore, while I can and do guarantee you satisfaction with my marketing ideas, ethics and copywriting I cannot guarantee specific results.


You are responsible for any purchases made on Heartlines Copywriting Studio by yourself or someone acting on your behalf.

Changes & Limitations of Service

I reserve the right to refuse service to any order, person or entity without having to state reasons for doing so.  I reserve to limit the number of participants in any online class or workshop for the sake of my sanity.  And I may at any time change or discontinue any aspects of Heartlines Copywriting Studio or any of its services or products.


I'll email you to confirm your purchase and welcome you on board, cause I'm friendly like that.  If there's an error  in the email confirmation it's your job to inform me ASAP.  So I can have a chance to set everything straight.


Full refunds are available before you start date.  No questions just send an email to However, once your project, workshop or online class has started no refunds are available.