I love examples of creative, personality-driven copy.  

Websites and business that aren't afraid to splash their souls across every pixel.  
Not every personality is big and bold - and that's okay.  
They're still making an emotional connection with every visitor.  
They're still daring to say it differently.  
They're still carving out their own distinct piece of cyberspace - and finding clients because of it.

This list is far from complete.  Have a suggestion?  Send me the link at hello@heartlinescopywritingstudio.com I'd love to check it out.  If I agree I'll add to my page of inspiration!

Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture Works is a clinic that provides acupuncture, massage and chiropractic services to their clients.  I love their copy but full disclosure - I wrote it, so I should.  Still, if you're looking for an example of no-fluff, human sounding alternative health copy, check it out.  If you're looking for an example of my work, check it out.  And if you happen to live in the City of Kawartha Lakes and you're looking for any of those services, definitely check them out.


Apple is a tech giant and they do advertising the right way.  Of course they do.  Apple does a great job of taking everyday moments and using them to connect with customers.  They also do a great job of translating the technical aspects of what they do into things even us non-techies can get excited about.


April is a talented musician, singer, harpist, director and teacher.  And it's so exciting to see her starting to branch out and reach a wider audience by teaching to an online audience with her For Altos Only sight reading course.  I was so happy to help with the copy for her website and the new online course. 

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerrry's ice cream combine humor, action-verb packed descriptions and a culture of championing causes close to their brand's heart.  You can read more about what I love about their copy in this blog post.

Best LA Neighborhoods

This is a real estate company.  And also a great example of using specificity in your copy to create pictures in the reader's mind.  Pictures that help them relate to what you're selling and envision themselves, in this case, living in the product.  And of course, it sounds oh, so human.

Dollar Shave Club

This is a razor blade club for men.  I love the way they add humor to their product descriptions and keep things simple with 3 options to choose from.  I've talked about them more in this blog post.

Dry Bar

Dry Bar is a salon that specializes in blowouts.  That's it - no cuts, no colors - talk about rocking your niche!  I absolutely love the way they've named their products.  Although the descriptions themselves could use a little more wow factor.  It's definitely worth checking out their naming architecture.

Eat 24 The Hunger App

Their tagline is "like a food truck in your pants" and their blog is called "The Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries".  I feel like I shouldn't have to say more than that.  But their mission, "...is to keep you from having to cook, shop or wear pants.  Order today, left overs tomorrow.  Did you just solve dinner twice? Yes, you did."  Seriously, self-evident that one.

Hunter Digital

Hunter Digital is another company who knows how to rock a niche.  Marie specializes in Facebook marketing for outdoor apparel brands.  I love their copy but full disclosure it's another one from my portfolio.

Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks is a smoothie and juice company from the UK.  Their website (and especially their bottle labels) are humorous, down-to-earth and so engaging.  They have a genius campaign called "The Big Knit".  Every year customers get involved by knitting hats for their bottles.  Yep, you read that right.  Then, every time they sell a bottle with a hat they make a donation to a charity that helps make winter warmer for the elderly.  And it draws in new customers because how could you pass by a bottle of juice wearing a hat without stopping to find out why?  See- genius and their copy is pretty damn good too.

Intrepid Travel

I love the idea behind this company.  Small day-tours led by locals to all the non-touristy places you'd never stumble upon with traditional tour groups.  I also love the way they present their idea.  The story on their About Page is filled with pop culture references from the late 80's when the company started and gets high marks for creativity and personality.  You can totally get lost in their blog too, which will leave you will a strong case of wanderlust.

J. Peterman

I cannot say enough about the product descriptions on J. Peterman.  I included a case study on them in my book.  And I covered them in this blog post.  But this is some of the best, most concise storytelling you'll find.  It's just gorgeous.  So go wander around the clothes on their website.  

Mosimann Photography

I was so excited to help my friend and family photographer Anita when she wanted to finally put up a website for her growing photography biz again.  So I got to help her with all the copy for the site.  I'm a little biased, but I love it  ;)  


Nike has been writing compelling, concise copy for decades.  They're masters at it.  Worth checking out if you want to leave your audience feeling stronger, empowered or heroic.  

Old Spice

Looking for a great example of really funny copy?  Look no further.  From their wildly successful commercials to the product descriptions that include made-up words like "mansmell" and "smellmittment" Old Spice knows how to show they don't take themselves too seriously.  They get you laughing, make themselves memorable and you can bet when you're standing in the drugstore they'll stand out.

Pepper Jar

Pepper Jar is a fellow bad-ass copywriter.  And before you think, Wait, she's actually linking to the competition and saying how awesome they are?  Is she crazy?  Let me say, yes, yes I am. Because Suzanne is great at what she does and her website is bursting with personality and absolutely inspires me.  Pepper Jar isn't even the only copywriter on this list, so relax.  It's not about competition, it's about supporting one another and calling out great work wherever you see it.

Pier 1 Imports

 Pier 1 Imports is a furniture company that specializes in out-of-the-ordinary finds.  But it's their product descriptions where they start to step it up a notch.  This isn't quite the level of storytelling you'll see on J. Peterman but it shows more personality than most stores bother to put into their catalogue descriptions.  So they deserve a mention.

Sabine Biesenberger

Sabine is a fantastic business coach living on Australia's Gold Coast dedicated to helping other coaches master the mindset and business of coaching.  She was so lovely to work with and had such amazing insight into her audience.  Which made my job a breeze. I was thrilled to help with her High Performance Mastermind & Business Success & Lifestyle Programs.

The Middle Finger Project

If you aren't reading the blog on TMF you seriously need to stop everything, click over there right now and subscribe.  Yes, it's that good.  Ash's blog posts are the most highly anticipated, vodka-soaked thing to hit my inbox all week.  And I save the ones I love (aka all of them) in a folder called "Gold from Ash" - I kid you not.  Advice on business, writing, life - doing it all unapologetically.  You can thank me later.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is a chain of grocery stores who offer many of their own products and promise every day low prices without coupons, discounts or club cards etc.  Their copy has a friendly, casual, conversational style with a great dose of humor as well.  Example on a price disclaimer something that could traditionally be super dry copy: "Note: since posting, the detail of this item may have changed due to fluctuating market prices, federal regulations, currency rates, drought, pestilence, bandits, rush hour traffic, filibusters, clowns, zombie apocalypse, punctilious product developers... contact our crew for current price and availability".  Bonus points for anyone who works the word filibusters into their copy or blames price fluctuations on clowns.

Urban Daddy

This website targets men and with a tagline like "take your pleasure seriously" you know they'll have some juicy stuff inside.  I realize after typing that sentence I make them sound like porn they're not they're a "lifestyle media company" with tabs like entertainment, food & drink, travel and style.  Their articles are full of a dry sense of humor that's a little addictive.  Ex.  "How to Play Russian Roulette with Your Phone's Private Pics" Or "Models Reacting to The News" where they show a slide show of models and link their pics to this week's headlines.  Who wouldn't want to click on that?

Velocity Partners

Velocity Partners are a London-based B2B marketing agency.  I love their slide-shares.  The 3 Poisonous Metaphors in B2B Marketing and The Search for Meaning in B2B Markeing are good places to start if you've never encountered them before.  The slide-shares are creative, insightful and easy-to-consume.

Virgin - Wonderlist

I love all the copy for this.  Actually, Virgin has consistently great copy across all their diverse companies and it's one of the reasons I included them as a case study in my best selling book.
The Wonderlist does a great job of target segmentation by organizing Top 5 trips according to things like, "ways to blow the kids inheritence", "wow factor weddings", "digital detox", "expand your mind", "ways to be superhero parents" or "trips even teens will love".  And every inch of copy from individual taglines to drool-inducing descriptions will make you fall in love with their vacations.  Now, you just have to afford them.

Your Words Electric

Jackie is another copywriter.  Her blog posts never fail to inspire me to want to curl up with pen and paper and just write.  Seriously, if you're ever feeling stuck or procrastinating over something you know you should write - head to Your Words Electric and just start reading.

YVA Solutions

Is the coolest Virtual Assistant Agency out there.  They provide creative & cutting edge solutions for online entrepreneurs whether you're looking for a VA, an Online Business Manager or an Online Chief Operations Officer they've got you covered.  They're a fun, funky and completely dedicated group of professionals who will do whatever it takes to help your business reach all the goals you've got planned.  I had the privilege of helping with their packages pages and they were a riot to work with.