writing your website doesn't have to be a 21st century exercise in torture.

take a deep breath girlfriend, I've got your back.

Price of Heartstrings & Pursestrings Package


1.  Why did you call your business Heartlines Copywriting Studio?

It's easy to fall into the trap of letting others opinions drown out your voice.

Following your heart isn't always the easiest path. Sometimes your head does an excellent job of drumming up 8763 reasons NOT to follow your heart. That's one of the reasons I named my company Heartlines. A constant personal reminder that it's okay to follow your heart.  And I'm learning to trust myself more and more everyday.

2.  Do you work with non-profits?

Yep I sure do!  If you're a non-profit head over here where I speak directly to your specific needs.

3.  Do you do the work yourself or do you outsource?

You can rest assured that when you hire me I'll do all the work you've contracted me to do myself.

4.  Want to know more about how it all works?

Are you a detail oriented person?  Cool, check out the Heartlines Process.  I'll give you all the details you're dying to know.

5.  How do I know if I'm ready to hire a copywriter?

Excellent question friend!  There are two things you absolutely MUST have figured out first.  #1 you must know your target market aka exactly WHO your audience is.  Who are you selling to?  Who are you speaking to?  You need total clarity on your people.  #2 you must know what you're selling.  Whether it's a product or a service you have to have ALL the details figured out.  Exactly what it will look like and how it will be delivered and how much it will cost and on from there.  That's it.  Pretty basic.  Know what you're selling in every detail and know who you're selling it to as intimately as possible.  Then I can engineer messages that are sure to connect and convert.

6.  You're in Canada (in a small town I've never heard of) and I'm not.  Can we still work together?

Absolutely!  Yes, I live in a post-card worthy small town with not much happening but at least we've got Wifi!  Which means we can communicate through email, phone and Skype.  I've worked with entrepreneurs from across Canada, the US, Israel, Australia and Spain.  Don't you just love the internet?

7.  Do you like kids?  What about animals?

Yep, I have two kids ages 6 and 3.  Parenting is the best, worst, most amazing, hardest, most rewarding, most challenging but I-wouldn't-change-anything-for-the-world job, right?  I also love animals although our current menagerie only includes our much beloved dog, Abby.  Want to know more personal stuff?  Head over to the About page.  Or this blog post where I answer the Proust questionnaire.

8.  Where else can I read your writing?

I'm so flattered you asked (blushing)!  You can always check out my blog here on this website.  I've also done quite a bit of writing over on Medium.  

9.  I live on social media...therefore we must be friends!

Cool!  Well you can always follow me on Twitter @JessMDrury or check out my Facebook page if social is your thing. 

let's create lionhearted prose that will announce your business in a way that feels fresh, full of personality & makes an emotional connection.


Are you looking for a taste-test package?  An opportunity to see if it's love at first punchy, personality-packed prose?  For $750 you can choose to start with either a Homepage or an About page to see if you love the way we work together.  If you choose to upgrade to the Heartstrings & Pursestrings Package you only pay $5246.


Don't see what you're looking for?  A la carte and custom packages are available pour vous by emailing hello@heartlinescopywritingstudio or heading to the Contact Page.