(aka the nuts & bolts, the logistics, the details)


  1. We schedule a call to get to know one another, make sure we feel comfy & cozy about this, ask & answer questions, talk all things business & make absolutely sure this is the best package for you.  If it's a biz match made in online heaven then everything else will happen as follows below.
    If it wasn't meant to be I might have an alternative solution for you, be able to point you in the right direction or at least give you some next steps if you're not ready for a copywriter yet.  Either way I'm sure we had a blast chatting!
  2. I roll out the red carpet via a Welcome email that takes care of all the housekeeping items that need to be ticked off BEFORE we start.
    Including: choosing a start date (if we didn't decide this when we were chatting), the payment plan, the link to my Brand Personality Quiz & the Creative Brief.
    PLEASE NOTE: the Brand Personality Quiz & Creative Brief need to be completed by 7 pm EST on the Friday BEFORE your start date.  That way I have the weekend to cozy up with my favourite cup of tea, do any research & get intimate with all of the great info you've provided me.
  3. On your start date you'll receive another email from me by 4 pm EST with any clarifying questions after I've had a chance to sift through all the material & the ideas have begun to percolate.  You'll have 24 hours to fire back with your answers.
  4. Meanwhile, I'll be preparing your unique Brand Personality doc that tell you everything about your Brand Personality mix & how we can use it in your marketing & messaging.  As this is the cornerstone of everything else it will be the first thing you receive.
  5. Next up will be the Brand Positioning Statement which highlights the big themes that we'll be playing with in your copy.  These are the ideas that people will rally behind.  What your work will stand for.  And ultimately what will make you stand out.  It's super versatile so I'll show you all the ways in which you can use this.
  6. Once we nail these 2 essential pieces in the first couple of days we will have established tone + personality for everything.  And I'll be quiet for a while crafting all the beautiful pages of your website.  By the end of week 2 (7 pm EST Friday) you'll receive the Homepage, About Page, Work With Me Page, Contact Page, tagline, opt-in for your blog & service description to review.
  7. Week 3: I'll be focused on writing your funnel & we'll be polishing up the website copy.  By 7 pm EST Friday of week 3 you'll have your funnel copy to review.
  8. Week 4:  Will be all of the final editing & polishing because the magic is often found in creative evolution.  By the end of the month you'll have everything you need to set up your first (or next) funnel & all the words for your website.