You Don't Need a Website. You Need Clients.

When you're just starting out.  When your business is more of an idea than a business and you haven't even had your first 5 clients. . .

You don't need a website.


You need clarity.  And reassurance that it's going to work.  You WILL ABSOLUTELY need a website. . .later.

I recently had someone email me with this question, "How do I DIY my website while I'm still trying to get my first 5 clients?  I don't want to spend my entire life trying to figure it out.  In a year, I hope to spend money on a professional, but what do I do in the meantime?"

One thing that I KNOW FOR SURE from both personal experience and from talking to so many beginner business owners is this. . .

Everything is gonna change.

The ideal client you THOUGHT you wanted is going to morph and transform once you start working with actual human beings.  You'll get super clear on what irritates the sh*t out of you AND what you love more than you ever realised.

That will affect your process - you'll refine it.  Or maybe, completely overhaul it altogether.

Your packages will change too.  Once you become better acquainted with what people want and what they actually need (pro tip: it's almost never the same thing).  And how long it takes you to actually complete a task (also always longer than you think).

If you invest $$THOUSANDS$$ of dollars into a website BEFORE you've had clients in your door and trying out your products or services you'll most likely end up REINVESTING thousands more to change it all in a few months.

And you'll kick yourself.  And you'll probably blame the designer/developer/copywriter you hired.

So, what's a brand new biz owner to do?

How do you look legit when you're hustlin' to get those first clients?

Put up a simple 1-page landing page with ONE offer. 

You can build a one for free using Strikingly.

If you can afford some professional headshots put your money there.

Add in other stock photos to make your landing page professional & gorgeous.  My favourite place for CC0 photos is Unsplash.

What should you talk about on this page?

Keep it simple.

  • Talk about what you do.

  • Why you're doing it.

  • Who it's perfect for.

  • A little about you.

  • What the outcomes are if they work with you/ buy your product.

  • How they can get in touch with you or take you up on your offer.

Once you have your single page with a single offer up your next step is getting people to see it.

Make a list of the names of people you know.  Either call (better) or email and have a conversation about the new business you're starting.  If they want more info. tell them or, if it's via email, send them to your landing page.

Ask if they know anyone you should talk to (people love to show they're connected) and ask if they could make the introduction.  If not ask for feedback.  And don't forget to follow up.

I hope this takes the pressure off.  Because the first thing you need is clients, everything else can come later.