You Are Enough...Seriously. (A Rant on Feeling like an Imposter)

Why is it that imposter syndrome - aka that feeling that says, "You don’t belong here. You haven’t got what it takes. You’re not good enough.” - creeps up at the MOST inconvenient times?

And why is it that no matter how long you’ve been in business, how far you seem to get, that nasty little B still raises her head?

Exactly when you want to branch out in a new direction.  Or step up your game.  Or walk into a room of incredible, talented colleagues.   Or when you dare to find and OWN your voice.  Or stand up for something you believe in.

Those voices start nagging at the back of your head.  Who are YOU to talk?  Surely someone with more experience or more degrees or more money or more clients or more followers or more, more, more should lead the way?

I know you don’t have all the answers.  In fact, you probably have more questions than answers.  And that sneaky little voice whispers, "What if “they” find out?  What if “they” suspect you haven’t got it all together like your carefully curated IG feed suggests you do?"

Ah the proverbial “they” of our inner minds.  “They” are a bunch of judgey-jerkfaces, aren’t they?

There are a thousand other ways for our inner critic to say “You’re not worthy.  You’re not good enough.”  That bastard can get creative.

And yet, if everyone listened, if everyone gave into the fear of imposter syndrome…there would be a resounding silence.

So, today I want to remind you (and your inner B)…

You are enough.

Even with all your flaws and imperfections.  Even with all the knowledge, you lack.  Even with all the buts, you're spitting at the screen.

You are enough right now.

You have more answers, more experience, more knowledge than you're giving yourself credit for - I guarantee it.

It's time to release all the beliefs that are lead weights around your feet.  Write them down on a piece of paper and burn those f*ckers if it feels right.

We NEED your voice.  We need your perspective.  We need your story.  We need it to help make sense of our businesses, our lives and our place in this world.

We need your art and your creativity.  We need your heart and your service.  We need your ideas and your solutions.  We need them precisely because they come from YOU.