When You Feel Like Everything Has Already Been Said...

and everywhere you look it's a highlight reel of the same tired ideas and same boring words rinsed and repeated...

It's time to change it up.

Change the topic.

Change the analogy...or ditch the analogy all together and tell it straight.

Change your perspective.  Look at it from a new angle.  Zoom out.  Macro picture.  Or focus on one tiny detail and why it matters.

Say the thing that no one else has the guts to say.  Unleash your inner rebel.  Put your wild truths into the words that others haven't dared to write.

Let it fly from the heart.

Whatever "changing it up" looks like for you remember this: make it MEANINGFUL.  Make meaning for us and we'll remember you.

If you feel like everything has already been said and there's no point in adding your voice to the chorus - you're wrong.  It's time to let go of the story that's stealing your voice and shake things up.