What's the F*cking Point? (aka connecting with your why)

There are those who'll tell you that you can start a business without any deeper purpose or driving force behind setting up shop - you can.  That you can dive in, follow the first glimmer of curiosity & your why will emerge later.  Your why simply floats up from the depths like a mythical sea creature to propel you towards the light, like your own personal Nessie - it happens.

But it's never worked that way for me.

I needed to sink deep, thick, twining roots into my WHY.  These are the things that keep me going through the disappointments & late nights.  Through ego-tastic temper tantrums.  Through failed launches, trolls, clients that cancel at the last second, voices in real life that tell you it's too hard - you should just... give... up.

Without my WHY I couldn't continue to push myself to show up every week, heart splashed on the page.  Contort myself into spine-aching positions on the couch, or at my desk (just kidding I almost NEVER work at my desk) or the table or the coffee shop because deadlines are tight but letting down clients...unthinkable.

Sink ALL the money I make back into the business & back into myself so I can learn, grow & get better.  Master mindset & the science & art of my craft.  Expand horizons - literally.

Without my WHY I would've given up ages ago.

Want to know why I do it?  Want to know what the fucking point is?

I do this because I was so desperate to let go of all the uncomfortable masks that I wore.  You know, the masks that dim our light & force us to show up in the world in ways that don't feel good...necessary but not good.  Like your clothes are too tight & your hair pulled back too severely so that you seem hardly recognisable in the mirror?  A sort of pinched too tightly, or squashed too flatly or spread too thinly transparent, muted, cross version of yourself.  (See that? I was British there for 1/2 a second)

My last job for "the man" was such a toxic environment I hated the person I'd become in order to survive there.  I was jaded, cynical & pessimistic.  I was smoking & drinking just to get through the day.  I was severely depressed.  It took years to heal those wounds.  To come back to myself.  To rebuild my courage.  To rediscover my value.  To peel off all the masks & tear down all the protective barriers one brick at a time.

Sometimes I still think they can be resurrected in the blink of an eye.

But the more I chase my dreams, the more I build a business I'm proud of - my own way - the more I see that I'm enough just as I am.  And I always have been.  The more comfortable I become in my own skin, hardly wearing any masks at all.

The point is to build a brand & a business that's in alignment with our hearts & our personalities.  So we can be ourselves AND be successful.  I want to break it down & show you how to do this.  To take what comes so intuitively for me & turn it into a map or a process you can follow and create for yourself.  Because isn't this what we're all craving?

You don't have to hide anymore.  You just need to find your tribe.

The point is to connect with, inspire & lift up other women entrepreneurs.  I didn't start with this particular why but the more I met & talked with other fempreneurs the more I was inspired by our badass ability to create, to heal communities & to raise the level of consciousness everywhere we go.  The more this why emerged & kept showing up again & again like fireflies that light up a meadow on a summer evening.

I'm finally owning my gift to be able to take the heart & personality of women & translate it into their brands.  So I'm working on bringing new options into my biz for 2017 that allow me to connect more deeply with a select few.  And at the same time, expand my ability to work with & connect to more women from all corners of the globe. (So excited!!)

My WHY is also about building a life where I'm financially independent (cue Destiny's Child) I'm not there yet #realtalk but I'm working on it.  It's also so so important for me to be fulfilled by & passionate about my work.  I want to be able to provide the lifestyle I dream about for my family (no, I don't need yachts & diamonds but several more stamps on our passports would be nice).  And I want to be able to earn it without contorting myself to fit someone else's values, ideals & demands.

I do this because I want to show my children that you can pursue your dreams.  That it's worth it.  That the work you do matters.  And that in the end, it's about soooo much more than just a paycheck & a pat on the back.

I want them to believe it's possible.  And I want them to believe in themselves enough to take a chance.


What's your why?  What's the fucking point of being an entrepreneur?