WTF is Copywriting + Your Free Hiring Guide

Somewhere along your biz journey, someone told you to hire a copywriter. So now you’re thinking…WFT is a copywriter and what can they actually do for me? I got you covered boo.

What is Copywriting?

I love this definition from Verve & Vigour “Copywriting is strategically and intentionally combining words in a way that motivates people to trust you, like you and then take the action you want them to take.”

Why is learning to write copy or hiring a pro important for your biz?

Copywriting establishes an emotional connection between you and the people you seek to serve. It’s a dash of consumer psychology with a sprinkle of persuasive writing techniques and a whole lotta humanity that all works together to create an emotional connection using words. Why is an emotional connection important? Because psychology tells us almost every decision to buy is emotional first. No connection = no emotions = no sales.

Where do I need copywriting in my biz?

When most people think of copywriting they think of asking for the sale. Yep, it absolutely includes sales pages and product descriptions. But where else do you want your ideal peeps to take action?

You might want your ideal client to…

- follow you on social media

- sign up for your challenge or webinar

- grab your freebie lead magnet

- click the link

- forward to a friend

- reply back

- sign up to receive your blog

- complete your survey

Starting to see the possibilities? These little asks that often (but not always) come before the sales are called micro conversions (#marketinglingo). They happen on your website, your blog and your social media.

The purpose of other kinds of writing is to educate and /or entertain. Everything has its place but in your business, you’re most often going to be asking someone to take action.

Is there more than one type of copywriter?

You bet. There are those who specialize in print (brochures, billboards, print ads) and those who specialize in web copywriting. I’m a web copywriter which means I write things like pages on your website, email nurture sequences, blog posts - things you’d find online.

There are also brand copywriters and conversion copywriters. Brand Copywriters will help you find your voice, develop your written tone and style and help you stay consistent across all your brand messaging.

Conversion copywriters will play with specific words (think button text) to get you the best conversion rate. They love A/B testing (button A says “Yes, sign me up!” and button B says “Subscribe now”) to see which words will get you the best ROI.

Many copywriters also specialize. Some focus solely on writing killer about pages and bios. Other focus just on Facebook and Instagram ad copy. It’s important to decide where you need the help in your business BEFORE you start looking for a copywriter or a copywriting course. When you know what you need you can do a better job of asking the right questions and finding the best person to help you and your biz.

It’s free.

Inside you’ll find…

>> 2 questions + a handy checklist to help you figure out WHAT KIND of copywriter to work with

>> 3 things to keep in mind - always

>> 10 tips on what to look for in a fantastic, worth-your-investment copywriter

>> the money talk - how much should you spend + what to avoid like the plague

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