What if?

Those two little words can send us into spirals of self-doubt & fear, resistance & procrastination, and. . . hesitation.

What if no one notices what I'm creating?
What if I do everything I'm "supposed" to and there's still crickets?
What if someone else is already doing it bigger, better, faster than I am?
What if this business doesn't work & I never make any money?
What if everything goes wrong, everyone hates it, wants their money back & I have to hide out in a corner of the planet that doesn't have Facebook?  Does that even exist?

I bet you can add more to that list.

We give those two little words so much power over our sanity & stress levels.

I think we can take those words & use them to flip the script.  To make "what if" full of optimism, possibility & hope.

What if the only I focused on was quality?
What if I took time to create something I was really proud of & excited to share?
What if I gave up the mindless race for vanity metrics & took time to nurture real connections instead?
What if I was willing to be vulnerable enough to be seen?
What if I was okay with where I'm at right now, I mean REALLY okay, while still working towards my goals?  What would that look like & feel like?

What if you KNEW you would succeed?  What if you absolutely were guaranteed not to fail?  What would you dare to create?  What would you dare to say?  What revolution would you dare to start?  What idea is begging to be brought to life?

Got it?

Good.  Go do it.

And start asking "what if" questions that fill you with hope & possibility.

Bye-bye dread.