Vulnerability is Hot!

I believe in bearing your soul.
I believe in authenticity.
I believe in casting off the shiny, social media exterior in favour of the truth.

After all, the whole point of being in business, of carefully choosing your connection.

I believe in mask-dropping honesty.
I believe in expertise tempered with humanity.
I believe vulnerability is hot.

But let's be clear, I also think it needs to be relevant.  Share the stories from your soul that show you've been in the shoes of your tribe.  You understand their lives.  You see them.  Share the wisdom of having been where they are, not so long ago.  And whispering, "Hey, here's what I learned."  The vulnerability of having been on the same journey.  Having figured out a few steps ahead - but not having everything figured out.

Finding the courage to show up as yourself, where you are right now, with everything you possess in this moment and nothing more...or less.  That's hot.