Unexpected ROI

No one every told me that being an entrepreneur was going to be a fast track to personal growth.

And yet VERY early on I realized

I was my biggest obstacle.

You could Google everything you needed to learn to run an online business. They had courses and webinars and YouTube videos for that (as long as you didn’t get sucked into the quick fix hype or 6 weeks to 6 figures nonsense).

But mindset?

That was the key. It was the thing I MOST needed to work on. Silencing the fears and doubts. Cultivating the self-belief and resiliency needed to keep going on hard days.

It was entrepreneurship that helped me FIND MY VOICE (with much refinement over the years).

Writing for other women, declaring what THEY stood for, standing tall in their words and recognizing their worth…

shone a mirror on my own.

And I realized, with great discomfort, that in my personal life? I had no voice.

I would listen to myself defer to my then husband. “Let me check with him.” “Let me check his schedule.”

I never heard it. Until I did.

I was shocked at how often it slipped out of my mouth. How I deferred. How I excused myself from decisions. How I relegated myself to the back seat of my life.

Starting Heartlines. Writing for brave, inspiring women. Showed me how to use my voice - both on the page and in real life. (My ex didn’t want to come along for that ride - and that’s okay, he had the right to make that choice.)

But never did I ever expect that personal growth was going to be my biggest ROI as an entrepreneur.

More tomorrow…