The Ultimate List of Resources For Your Biz

Because sometimes running a business is all about the practical tools you use every day to get the work done.  Here's my ultimate list of resources for running your online biz, because girlfriends share all the best resources.  

If there are other gems out there you know of that need to be on this list put them in the comments below!!

A while ago I shared my list of 5 Free Tools for the Bootstrapping Entrepreneur.  Those love affairs are still going strong but sometimes a girl just needs...options.  I haven't tried everything on this list (and it's not all freebies this time) so do your due diligence and decide what fits best for your biz. 

Project Management

Trello - I love me my Trello.  It made my top 5 and I've used it for organising my social media calendar to managing client projects to managing a book launch.  And it's free.  Woot! Woot!

Asana - I've heard so many good things about Asana.  And they have a free option so it's just a matter of time before I take this one for a test drive.

Evernote - Okay it isn't technically project management but I feel like, even though it's one of my favourite place to clip things from the web, store research & take notes, I've only barely scratched the surface of Evernote's capabilities.  The free version is awesome & it also makes my top 5.


Freshbooks - I know there are tons of others out there but this is the one I hear most recommended everywhere I go.  And when I finally graduate from my excel doc called "Accounting Sucks" to something proper it'll be Freshbooks.


IFTTT - stands for "if this then that" good thing they shortened it eh?  So basically you set it up so that every time you take a specific action in one app (say your email) another action happens automatically somewhere else (say it pops up in Trello).  Saving you time & the possibility of getting distracted and forgetting altogether.  

Zapier - another integrations tools that makes all kinds of magic happen automatically.

Easy Peasy Websites (that are also gorgeous)

Squarespace - they have gorgeous drag & drop websites that you can create without any coding knowledge or a single plug-in.  I use Squarespace for this site & for my book website.

Strikingly - they started only offering single-page websites but now offer multipage sites as well.  They're easy to build & look great.  I use them to build landing pages for special offers with a store at the bottom of the page.  Or proposals for clients or my course page.

Landing Pages

Leadpages - if you're looking for high converting, double opt-in landing pages that integrate nicely with your email and you can create lovely links with surveys and thank you pages etc.  Leadpages are hands down the place to go.  I have more than a dozen pages with them.


Mail Chimp - budgets are real so if free is what you need then Mail Chimp will get the job done, but I've heard a lot of negatives too.  So, if you're thinking of investing in an ESP or want someone who will grow with you...keep reading.

Aweber - They offer a free 30 day trial and start at $19/ month for lists of up to 500.  It's reasonably priced and comes with all the features you need.

Convertkit - I've also heard good things about Convertkit but they start at $29/ month with no free trial.  Although they also offer a landing page feature.

Check out this amazing article that compares & contrasts 10 major email marketing services if you're looking for a more in-depth analysis.  They've got all the pros, cons, price points & features covered.

When you need to find that "thing" to make your biz life easier

Product Hunt - others may search Google but if a "what's the best_____?" comes up in a Facebook group and I don't have an answer, I search Product Hunt first.  That's how I stumbled upon and booked a round-trip ticket to NYC for less than $200.

Stock Photos
(that don't look like stock photos)

Unsplash - this is still hands-down my favourite.  But if you're looking for options don't worry I've. got. you. covered.

Death to the Stock Photo

Fancy Crave
Little Visuals
Super Famous
Life of Pix
Start Up Stock Photos

Jay Mantri
Stock Snap

ISO Republic
We Function
New Old Stock
Haute Chocolate

Visual Hunt
- these ones cost $1

Graphic Design Elements

Creative Market - if you subscribe they email you every week with 6 free downloads.  I squirrel most of these away and they've saved me money down the road when it comes time to design something.

Graphic River - same idea as Creative Market

Photo Editing

Pic Monkey - if you're looking for an option that's cheaper & easier to learn than Photoshop.  I recommend Pic Monkey.  Many of the features are available for free and it's WAY cheaper than Photoshop and pretty intuitive too.

Graphic Design

Canva - Canva was in my top 5 and I am borderline obsessed with it.  Seriously, they send me emails that say things like "since you make more designs than most of our other users we wanted to let you know..."  Lol  It's my favourite form of procrastination because usually it's something that's still technically biz related. ;)

Free Stock Music

Audio Jungle
Free Music Archive
Music Revolution
Sound Cloud
Maker Book

Free Stock Video

Life of Vids
Maker Book  -
a directory of sites with free stock video

Surveys/ Questionnaires/ Forms

Typeform - I love Typeform.  They're easy to create AND gorgeous so you can make it look like it fits with your brand.  And it's free.

Google Forms - I don't know about you but I've filled out a ton of Google forms so it's clearly a popular choice.  And also free.



Google Docs - all the way.  I left Word far behind long before I left my PC behind (it died).  I love the comments and use them to explain the psychology and persuasive writing techniques I use in my copy and also get feedback from clients. :)

Virtual Meetings

Skype - was certainly MY first introduction to this kind of my blowing tech but I hear a LOT of people complain about the quality of the connections.  And I remember one particularly poor call to Mexico... - I've tried this one and although it almost always (there was that one time) worked really well for me, I've heard others complain about plenty of tech troubles here as well.

Zoom - currently I'm using the free version of Zoom and although I've just recently far so good.  I love that you have a whiteboard option which makes me feel like I can be Todd Herman on a call.  lol ;)

Phew!!  That's it.  So, what have I missed?  Put it in the comments below and let's make this the most awesome list of biz resources ever!!