Top 11 Gifts For Writers That Aren't Boring Or Totally Predictable

So it's love weekend and whether you're single & struttin' it or slightly mad from cupid's arrow you might be looking to buy for a most beloved writer in your life.

But maybe this year you're hoping to up your game from flowers, chocolates or other holiday clichés.  You'd also like to go beyond fancy pens, stationary or a gift card to her favourite bookstore *yawn*.

Here are my top 11 gifts for your favourite writer that aren't boring or completely predictable.  And there's something for every budget too.


1.  Orée Board - The Romance Edition

This is an all natural wooden keyboard.  I love the idea of typing on wood, the texture of it.  Although I kind of wish I could take it for a test drive (test type?) just to make sure it feels as cool as I think it would.  The Romance Edition allows you to have your & your beloved's initials painted in red lacquer so every time those letters are typed - they'll think of you.  Can I get a collective aww?  Plus you can choose to have a love poem engraved on the back.  It's not cheap though starting from $250.


2.  Hire a Cleaning Service for a Month

I thought of this one while vacuuming and mentally going over all of the things I had to do for my business that day - but after I cleaned the bathroom & folded the laundry.  Having someone come once a week to help with the housework sounds like the epitome of luxury to me.  Unless your beloved writer actually likes to clean (I know there are strange and wonderful people out there like this) in which case keep reading.


3.  Book Swag

Does your writer love the classics?  But of course already owns them all.   And besides, we're moving beyond the obvious buy another book.  Well, Out of Print is a company that takes classic books (think Shakespeare, Austin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lewis Carroll, Edgar Alan Poe, Kurt Vonnegut and others) and puts their classic covers on tees, mugs, totes and more.  They also design jewellery - perfect for Valentines.  Best of all, for every purchase you're also buying a book for a community in need through Books for Africa.  Which brings me to my next idea...


4.  Donation

Have you got a writer with a big heart?  There are a ton of reading-related charities you could donate to in their name.  If you want to keep it local your library or even local schools would be able to hook you up with  local literacy-related charities you could donate to.  Or you could go global with initiatives like Books for Africa or Unicef's education gifts.


5. Nostalgia

Not into the wooden keyboard?  Is your beloved writer an old soul who would love the idea of writing on a typewriter?  But without the hassle of ribbons, whiteout and ink?  Well, this USB typewriter from Uncommon Goods will allow you to channel your favourite writers from a by-gone era without the mess or inconvenience.  Nostalgia ain't cheap, though, at $899.


6.  Inspiration

I'm a big fan of giving gifts of experience rather than material "things" which I mostly feel like I have too much of already.  So, how to do you give the gift of inspiration?  Well, writer's get inspiration from just about anything so you can get pretty creative with this one.
New experiences will certainly get their brain's fired up.  Are there any art or photography exhibits in town?  A great photograph always leaves me wanting to tell the story behind it.  Live theatre is another great experiential gift.  After all, it's the written word brought to life.
Is there something you can do to push your writer outside their comfort zone a little bit?  Something they've never tried before?  Maybe indoor rock climbing  or a surfing lesson.  The possibilities are endless.  And if nothing else it will at least be worth a blog post or article.


7.  Writing Gloves

What could be more magical than wrapping your hand in the words of your favourite authors and books?  Maybe a little spark of their imagination or their luck or some little bit of their magic will rub off when you sit down to compose your own works.  Or maybe just reserve them  for days when you're suffering from writer's block and trying to tempt inspiration back to the page.  Storiarts also does infinity scarves with passages from your favourite books too.


8.  Redecorate their Home Office

Okay, are you looking for massive brownie points?  This gift will get you in his or her good books for many months (years?) to come.  And with design-from-a-distance companies like Havenly and Laurel & Wolf your writer in residence can get expert design advice on creating the office of their dreams without ever leaving home.  Sometimes the internet is awesome you guys.


9. Creative Cross-Training

The theory behind creative cross-training, in a nutshell, is that when you exercise your creative muscles in a medium you don't normally work in it helps you to be more creative in your day job (in this case writing) too.  You can read more about creative cross-training in this article I wrote.  So, why not buy your writer some art classes or dance classes or music lessons?  And explain that it will even help with their writing. :)


10.  Someone to Write Their About Page

They might find writing for others easy.  They might find when it comes to writing fiction or poetry the words effortlessly flow onto the screen.  But when it comes to writing about themselves (and just how awesome they are) it can be...awkward.  So, if you've got a writer who complains about the state of their f*cking About Page then contact me.  Mention "About Page Love" in the message and I'll give you 20% off.


11. Check Out These Apps for Writers

There are 38 altogether, so I feel like I should get bonus points for this.  There is probably something new here for your writer to discover and fall in love with.  You're welcome.


12. Bonus

Just in case, you desperately wanted to buy your writer a book.  I'm currently in love with Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It's all about creative living.  My pages are desperately dog-eared and I'm seriously contemplating starting over again as soon as I finish.


If you love these ideas share this list on social media or if you have another awesome gift idea for writers that isn't boring or totally predictable add it to the comments below.