This is the Beginning of Everything

This is my 100th blog post!  

Which I discovered completely by accident when I was redesigning all of my previous blog titles for the Heartlines relaunch happening next week.

Not gonna lie, it feels...significant.  Like the 100th episode of your favourite TV show.  And naturally, it demands a little reflection, as do all our biz milestones, right? So I sat down & asked what my 2015 self would be surprised to learn from the journey.  Here's what I never realised when I started...

Entrepreneurship is a path to personal growth.

Honestly 2+ years ago I just wanted a way to earn some extra cash while I stayed home with my kids.  I wanted a way to replace the income I earned from teaching so I never had to go back to the classroom unless it was my choice.

I didn't know it would change me.

I had no idea how much it would ask of me.

Being an entrepreneur has a way of showing us all of our fears about life, the world, money & mostly ourselves & asking, "too afraid, honey?" "want to quit now, darling?"

While at the same time showing us all the possibilities.  How you can design a life you truly love doing something that matters to you.  I'm not saying you can earn 7 figures in 6 months working 4 hours/ day, please don't believe THAT lie.  But your life, your way?  Hell yes, that's possible.  Which means you have to find a way to make peace with your fears, self-doubts & all those things that you'd happily been ignoring up until now.

And it CHANGES you.

Every challenge you meet is another spiritual growth spurt.

Your beliefs & worldview expand.  Your vision expands.

Your capacity for faith, love, trust, joy, it all expands.

And isn't the whole point of life expansion?

This is a section of my new About Page which you can read in full on May 10th on the Heartlines relaunch.  But it speaks perfectly to the massive, beautiful shift that's occurred in the last couple of years.

Entrepreneurship has encouraged me to walk along the edges of everything I thought I knew & redefine myself & my beliefs along the way.

I used to believe creativity was a luxury.
Now I believe creativity is your greatest advantage & your personality should be reflected in every inch of your brand.

I used to believe my passion for stories was a hobby.
Now I believe we all have stories to tell.  Across culture & time, it's our stories that connect us.  We all have stories to tell & YOURS is worth telling.

I used to believe my insatiable, curious, questioning mind is why I always got in trouble.
Now I believe that open, curious minds are the BEST kind by far.

I used to believe bravery was for big moments & other people.
Now "I believe the single most important thing beyond discipline & creativity is daring to dare." Maya Angelou

I used to believe it had to be perfect the first time & I could do everything myself.
Now I believe that experimentation is part of being an entrepreneur.  Editing is essential.  And relationships are everything.

What I've learned through all the ups & downs, the late nights, the rewrites & the hours spent scrolling through the thesaurus is this...

Your words hold your power.

They hold the power to connect us, to move us to take action, to unite heal us.

Maybe it's the nostalgia of the 100th blog post, maybe it's because I'm days away from the relaunch of Heartlines but I can't help but feel like

This is the beginning of everything.