The Terror of The Tiny Niche

I recently spent time talking to about a dozen entrepreneurs all around the world who took me up on a free offer to chat.  What I noticed as I glanced through their websites & we chatted about all things copy & branding were that 2 things kept coming up over & over again.

#1. I call this The Curse of Intangible Concepts & I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.

#2 Was lacking clarity on their target market - or their audience - their tribe (gag) - their peeps.

So when I had the opportunity to host an Expert Q & A on Vendeve I came up with the idea for Finding Your Niche & Getting Inside the Heads of Your Clients.  I prepped a short presentation & had fabulous conversations with the ladies in Squads.

If you're struggling with your niche or how to connect with the awesome people you know are out there (but if feels like they see you coming & rush for cover).  I completely sympathise.  I agonised over narrowing my niche for months - even when I knew better.

I wanted to share the presentation portion of my Expert Q&A with you.  It's unedited but I'd love to know what you think or if you've got any of your own niche-defining, customer match-making tips or tricks to share. Throw your juiciest nuggets of wisdom in the comments below.