Telling Your Story

Why is writing for your biz so hard?

Staring at blank screens.
Forcing words onto the page only to backspace, backspace, backspace.
Trying again.
Going for a walk.
Drinking the 5th cup of coffee.
Only to find your screen is STILL BLANK.

I have a theory…

It can feel REALLY vulnerable to tell our own stories. Which ones do we share? Where do you draw the line for TMI? Will they still see me as the professional I am? Am I talking too much about myself? It can trigger wounds that haven’t fully healed yet. It can trigger fears of being seen, criticized and judged mercilessly.

So what do we do instead?

We focus on our clients. And we should. We need to tell stories that move them. Stories where they can see themselves reflected in our words…

But when you’re building a personal brand there’s a balance.

And if you leave yourself in the background (because sharing is scary and vulnerable) you miss giving your clients an opportunity to choose YOU.

Nowhere on your website does all this come together MORE than your about page.

My about page has had many, many iterations over the years.

Some were pretty good.
And it all started with…

The résumé stage.

When you first start a business (and you’re coming from corporate or the world of professional work) this is a natural place to begin.

What have we always done when we had to present ourselves on paper?

Cover letter + résumé.

Except where you volunteered last summer or those 3 years you spent working for a major bank are NOT what your client wants to read.

They want a glimpse into WHO YOU ARE, what you believe, what you stand for, what led you to THIS point and how you can help them. They want to see your humanity with a few credentials and experience sprinkled in to reassure them.

By being brave enough to tell your story you’ll be reassuring your clients that people like them choose someone like you.

Now raise your hand if you, like me, started with an about page that was really a résumé in disguise.

It didn’t take me too long to figure out there needed to be more storytelling and less listing accomplishments.

But what story to tell?

Everybody and their wiser, older sister will tell you it’s about connecting to your WHY.

Why did you start your business? What motivated you? What drove you? What big crisis happened that led you HERE?

I STRUGGLED with this advice.

You see, I kinda stumbled backwards into the role of entrepreneur. It was never a well-thought-out plan…I just kinda started taking copywriting course after copywriting course. I built my first one-page website. I landed my first client. And then another. And another. Until, low and behold, I appeared to be in business.

Not very glamorous.
Not very dramatic.
Not very reassuring to new clients.

So, the next iteration of my about page went something like this…

I was a stay-at-home Mom.
I saw other Mom’s making money on the side.
Being an introvert I wasn’t about to host parties every damn week (MLM was out).
I am the queen of Pinterest fail (crafting was out).
And I ice cakes with a butter knife (but they still taste amazing!!).
So I took a skill I KNEW I had (and had always loved) and started writing.
A few pretty words about my writing journey, the amazing entrepreneurs I get to support and…segue into how I can help you.

Nothing wrong with this version - it was honest but honey, I was still hiding. Can you tell??

I hadn’t yet found and connected to the heart of my story (or my why). I was stuck at the surface. Playing it safe.

Every word was true. But you sure as hell had a hard time really seeing me and connecting with me.

Next up…

I call the “I-was-a -teacher-but-it-sucked-the-life-outta-my-soul” stage.

It was more vulnerable than the previous version. I had always felt like a bit of a failure because I couldn’t cut it in the profession I’d chosen and here I was admitting as much to potential clients.

I talked about the red tape and Machiavellian politics that drove me out. The identity crisis that ensued (if I wasn’t a teacher…who was I?). The break I took from figuring out a career to be a Mom. The writing that healed me and stitched me back together and ultimately led me to Heartlines.

It felt like a truer version. A more complete picture of my journey.

And yet…

There was still something missing. Do you know that feeling?

There was a bigger why I couldn’t put my finger on. Something deeper that wanted to be expressed. And a connection to my clients that felt like it needed to be stronger.

It was still the best version of my about page to date and I left it up for probably a year-ish.

Sometimes it takes longer than we’d like to figure out who we are, to integrate all the pieces that led us here and to say it aloud.

Even once you get there…your business evolves, YOU evolve and the story changes. That’s why learning to write for your business (and tell your story) is the #1 skill you need.

The current iteration of my about page is my most vulnerable yet. I hit publish and immediately messaged trusted friends to ask their reaction.

As a triple Scorpio (sun, moon and ascendant) I’m MUCH more comfortable keeping my cards close to my chest. Revealing my story slowly, piece by piece, and only to those close and trusted. Hmmm, maybe that’s why I’ve had so many iterations.


I start with a confession (this business found me, not the other way around).

My clients get a starring role in the journey, writing for them allowed me to see how in my personal life - I had no voice. It’s still scary to tell this story. To admit I was in a relationship that didn’t allow me to have a voice. Because…I should’ve seen it. I should’ve known better. What good is a psych degree if you can’t spot the narcissist in bed next to you? But the more I make peace with this story inside myself…the more willing I am to say it aloud. I was building the business I didn’t know I needed and it opened my eyes in completely unexpected ways.

My favourite lines…

“This business became my medicine. Every word healed me, stitched me back together.”

“I grew my courage one vertebrae at a time.”

“Words continue to dare me to tell my story ever more boldly as I peel back the layers, learn to trust myself and choose my own path. This is what it means to bravely embrace your voice. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur.”

I’d love for you to share a favourite line from your about page with me.

Opening up about the journey of my about page has got me thinking…

What if you had more than someone who just helped you with the words?

What if we went deeper, walked alongside one another on this entrepreneurial journey AND personal growth journey?

Holding space.
Lifting one another up.

All while learning the #1 business skill you’ll need every. single. day. - writing.

I’m creating something new and I’d love you to be a part of it.

It’s different.

In some ways, it’ll ask more of you than any online course you’ve taken (we go deeper) but we’ll do it slowly.

Join the waitlist right here.