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Telling Your Story

Why is writing for your biz so hard?

Staring at blank screens.
Forcing words onto the page only to backspace, backspace, backspace.
Trying again.
Going for a walk.
Drinking the 5th cup of coffee.
Only to find your screen is STILL BLANK.

I have a theory…

It can feel REALLY vulnerable to tell our own stories. Which ones do we share? Where do you draw the line for TMI? Will they still see me as the professional I am? Am I talking too much about myself? It can trigger wounds that haven’t fully healed yet. It can trigger fears of being seen, criticized and judged mercilessly.

So what do we do instead?

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Batching. . .Good for More Than Just Meal Planning.

My food planning tends to look like this…
It’s 5:30 PM and I turn to my kids and say, “Sooooo what do you guys want for dinner?”  Then we forage in the kitchen until someone declares, “Pasta.”

But when it comes to writing for my biz…I’m a little more organized.


Because you lose 20% of your time every time your brain has to change gears from one task to the next.  It’s called context switching and it’s probably eating your productivity.

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First Drafts + Editing Tips

Here’s the thing about any creative activity…

We all begin with a sparkling vision of what it should look like, how it should sound or what we want to achieve.

And then

You begin to bring it to life.

Maybe you can’t get the exact shade of blue you see in your head.
Maybe the words come out in fits and starts, stumbling, rambling, inarticulate and…not what you imagined.

That’s okay.

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