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Fast or Slow, High or Low: An Exercise in Positioning Your Brand

Positioning is everything.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the marketing gurus talk about “positioning” your brand and rushed to Google that mo’ fo’? Then surreptitiously fallen into a trance reading one boring, jargon-filled marketing article after another?

When I was first starting out my brand positioning was mostly unconscious. I thought it was essentially the same as picking a niche (something else I resisted FOREVAH). I ended up just kinda landing where I landed…unsure if that’s where I wanted (or needed) to be. My positioning was done by default and intuition instead of consciously with intention.

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5 Filters for Editing that will Improve Your Writing Right Now

THE RULES: Only apply ONE filter for editing at a time.  Do NOT try to do them all at once.

If you can, enlist the help of trusted friends.  Give them one thing to look for.  For example, "Can you look for clichés?"

Always give yourself 24 hrs between writing. . . and editing.  So your brain has a chance to forget and can stop filling in the blanks with what you're trying to say long enough for you to actually see the blanks.

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Confidence, Words & Finding Your Voice

I might be a little biased but I believe the right words give you confidence.

Whether you're speaking to a roomful of actual people.
Or you're going live on Facebook.
Or you're inviting everyone back to your website.

The right words allow you to share what you're thinking & creating with confidence & enthusiasm.

Not the kind of enthusiasm that makes you sound like a used car salesman or an infomercial or a telemarketing guy...

But genuine excitement.

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Speaking Your Truth

I love this phrase, don’t you?  It hints that you have perspectives, secrets, wisdom hidden within you waiting to come out.  Once you uncover your courage & unlock your voice.  And because it’s yours... it’s unique.

Something only you have to offer.

Whether you’re in convo with your best girlfriends or writing for your website or sharing a Facebook Live - speaking your truth is soooo important.

So often we grow up & lose our voice along the way.  We lose touch with what it is we really want to say.  Need to share.  Our truths become buried beneath layers of fear.

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In Praise of Creativity

I love creativity. Whether I'm learning about the science and psychology behind it or just basking in those precious moments of creative flow.

I love the whisper of inspiration that begins quietly, insistently in the back of your brain.  It nudges you patiently at the edge of your mind until you have no choice but to pay attention.  Allow the idea to take shape.  Nurture it.  Play with it.  Toss it around.  Cozy up with it and inspect it from every angle.  Give it room to breathe.

I love to see how we can go from spontaneous spark to finished product.

I love talking to creatives and entrepreneurs about what they do.  Why they love it.  Nobody pursues the life of maker or entrepreneur unless they're over-the-moon enthusiastic about it.  Unless the ideas they have REFUSE to be silenced.  And making things?  Useful things, beautiful things, things that will touch and connect and inspire people...well, that's the ONLY job they can imagine.

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What Can You Learn from the Top 3 Websites on The Planet?

Do you know what the top 3 most popular websites are right now?

1. Google
2. Facebook
3.  YouTube

Do you know what they have in common?

They're all about content & connection.

Wikipedia, Yahoo & Twitter are also in the top 10.  In fact, the only e-commerce website to crack the top 10 is Amazon.

Gone are the days of the faceless corporation.  Gone are the days of big businesses who don't connect with or care about their customers.  and if the "big guys" have to make an effort to find ways to connect, as a small business you've got no excuses.

What does that tell you YOUR website should do?  Yep, offer stellar content that provides values & insights to your audience (I know easier said than done).  And finds ways to connect with them on every stinking page!

How do you create an emotional connection with visitors on your website?  How do you demonstrate your humanity & compassion?

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Hook Them With Style

Whether you're writing a page on your site, an email or a social media post, the first thing you have to do is capture your audience's attention.  Which means you need a killer hook.

When I'm writing a page of copy I can't get the rest of the page out until I've nailed the hook.  I'm not sure how other copywriters approach their work (there are probably 3421 ways to start a piece of copy) but for me it's all about the hook.  And a great hook is often my favourite part.

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