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What Kind of Work Are You Doing?

I loved Seth Godin's blog (I'm a fan) on the difference between important, popular or viral work.

He said important work is "easily dismissed by the audience.  It involves change & risk & thought".  Popular work in contrast "resonates with the people who already like what you do".  Viral work is "what happens when the audience can't stop talking about what you did".  He concluded that these 3 will co-exist once in a while but more often than not it's up to us to choose which one to focus on.

Which got me almost all of his stuff does.

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Bravery Despite the Butterflies: for every woman entrepreneur

I see you.

I see your caffeine-fueled hours spent hunched in front of your screen, scraping every last ounce of creativity from the insides of your skull to make your biz run.  I see how driven you are to making your dreams succeed.

I see how the butterflies hurl themselves against the sides of your stomach and your heart beats wildly every time you...
present a new offer,
go live online,
hit send,
walk on that stage.

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