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My Christmas Wishes For You - 2019

I've been writing these wishes for 3 years now and it's becoming one of my favourite traditions. <3

May you know your infinite potential and your innate worth. You are enough, just as you are.

May you understand the paradox of being perfect and always a work in progress. Expansion is the point AND there's nothing to fix.

May you feel the conviction of your beliefs fuel your words and actions.

May your voice be heard around the world. Clearly articulating the message of your soul without fear or doubt. May you feel the power of your words and may they reach the hearts of those who need to hear them most.

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My Holiday Wish For You 2016

This year my Canadian Christmas is blanketed with snow, just the way it should be.

As I reflect on the last year I look back on everything that has happened in my life, my business and my family.  It's been a year of changes, a year of growth and a year of letting go.  Much of it wasn't easy, necessary but not easy.  Was it the same for you?

My holiday wish for you this year is that you find more peace.  For me, peace comes in the stolen moments of solitude and silence when I can hear the whispers of my heart.  Let go of all of my plans and worries just for a few precious minutes.  And know with a certainty that reaches into the marrow of my bones that it will be okay.  The more stolen moments I find the longer I can hold onto the peace throughout the day.

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