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What's the F*cking Point? (aka connecting with your why)

There are those who'll tell you that you can start a business without any deeper purpose or driving force behind setting up shop - you can.  That you can dive in, follow the first glimmer of curiosity and your why will emerge later.  Floating up from the depths like a mythical sea creature to propel you towards the surface and the light, like your own personal Nessie - it happens.

But it's never worked that way for me.

I needed to sink deep, thick, twining roots into my WHY.  It's the thing that keeps me going through the disappointments and late nights.  Through ego-tastic temper tantrums.  Through failed launches, trolls, clients that cancel at the last second, voices in real life that tell you it's too hard - you should just. give. up.

Without my WHY I couldn't continue to push myself to show up every week, heart on the page.  Contort myself into spine-aching positions on the couch, or at my desk (just kidding I almost NEVER work at my desk) or the table or the coffee shop because deadlines are tight but letting down clients...unthinkable.

Sink all the money I make back into the business and back into myself so I can learn & grow & get better.  Master mindset & the science & art of my craft.  Expand horizons - literally.

Without my WHY I would've given up ages ago.

Want to know why I do it?  Want to know what the fucking point is?

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The Secret Sauce to Positioning Your Products (or Services)

If you've ever had a conversation with another human being you know we love to talk about ourselves.  We may have grown out of our egocentric ways in toddlerhood but, as it turns out, we are never far from our own minds.

Now before you start sighing about the state of society, this is actually great news.  Trust me.

Because when you're clients (or potential clients) are talking about their lives in a completely organic way you're getting all kinds of juicy info you can use to position your products in a way that'll be meaningful to them.

The more detailed and specific that information is, the better.  As I've said before, demographics just aren't going to cut it.

Once you start to gather specific information about the lives of your target market (without turning into a creepy internet stalkerazzi, I promise) the most important question you can ask is WHY.

Why changes everything.

Why changes how you position your product or service.  Why allows them to see themselves in what you're selling.

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