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What's the F*cking Point? (aka connecting with your why)

There are those who'll tell you that you can start a business without any deeper purpose or driving force behind setting up shop - you can.  That you can dive in, follow the first glimmer of curiosity and your why will emerge later.  Floating up from the depths like a mythical sea creature to propel you towards the surface and the light, like your own personal Nessie - it happens.

But it's never worked that way for me.

I needed to sink deep, thick, twining roots into my WHY.  It's the thing that keeps me going through the disappointments and late nights.  Through ego-tastic temper tantrums.  Through failed launches, trolls, clients that cancel at the last second, voices in real life that tell you it's too hard - you should just. give. up.

Without my WHY I couldn't continue to push myself to show up every week, heart on the page.  Contort myself into spine-aching positions on the couch, or at my desk (just kidding I almost NEVER work at my desk) or the table or the coffee shop because deadlines are tight but letting down clients...unthinkable.

Sink all the money I make back into the business and back into myself so I can learn & grow & get better.  Master mindset & the science & art of my craft.  Expand horizons - literally.

Without my WHY I would've given up ages ago.

Want to know why I do it?  Want to know what the fucking point is?

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