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Leadership, Visibility & My Favourite Female Warriors

"Leader" has never been a label that's sat comfortably with me.  I've rarely ever volunteered myself for leadership roles & I have vague memories of adults describing me as being more of a "follower" as a child.

A label I internalized.

Maybe because I was so quiet...
or shy...
or introverted before I ever knew that was a word.

Or maybe because it was always easier to just lead by example rather than be the shouty "follow me!" type (though I secretly admired their ability to speak up).

And yet the more I hustle everyday, the more I find my voice and my courage.  The more I find myself reaching for more visibility for myself and my biz.

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I've Been Struggling With This My Entire Career. Ready or Not: I'm Getting What I Wished For

Picture yourself walking down a crowded, sun-soaked street in Morocco.  The warmth of the stones seeping through your sandals.  The spicy scents from several vendors and restaurants wafting out onto the street.  And the noise of dozens of conversations chattering around you.  Prices negotiated.  Laughter erupting.  Vendors hawking their wares.  Waiters gesturing you into their restaurants.

As you continue along weaving your way through the crush of people you start to feel a little claustrophobic.  It would be nice to just sit and maybe grab a bite to eat.

How do you choose?

Do you pick the place with the guy shouting about the sale?  The cheapest deal?  Or the one that boasts food "just like America"?  Or do you escape to the little restaurant tucked into the shade that simply promises the best Makouda and a complimentary glass of mint tea while you wait?

For me, it's Makouda and mint tea all the way.

You see all these styles of marketing everywhere you go.  Whether you're walking down a crowded marketplace in Marrakesh or surfing the net.

Every entrepreneur's goal is more visibility.

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