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What Story Should Your Brand Be Telling?

Great marketing & great copywriting is about telling great stories.  Stories that draw people in, make 'em feel something and...inspire them to act.  That, in a nutshell, is everything we're trying to achieve.

But you can't bust out the good ole' "once upon a time" refrain.  And you might be looking at your brand archetypes still clueless as to which story you should be telling.

What's the most compelling narrative for your brand?  And how can archetypes help you figure it out?

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Adorable Animation, Universal Truths & the Secret to Storytelling

Why do some stories have the power to cut through  the noise and toss a javelin through our hearts,  to have us savouring every word? While others have you barely glancing at the first couple sentences before you click away?  Hint: It's also the reason marketers are desperately screeching at us to use storytelling in everything we do to market our biz.

First, we have ALWAYS told stories.  Since cave drawings and campfires, we've related the details of our lives to one another through the medium of story.  

Which means we've evolved to pay attention to stories.  We're trying to figure out if it holds relevance for us in our lives right now.  And thanks to the good ol' age of information we're getting faster at deciding if the story being told resonates with us.

Which is why these days you've only got seconds before someone decides if your story is worthy of their attention.

But what happens when someone decides your story DOES resonate?

When a story piques our interest we insert ourselves into it.  We merge ourselves with the character in order to form an empathic response.  And when we feel empathy with the characters in a story we're more likely to remember it and learn from it.  (PS this is why it's so never enough to just talk about data but always include a personal story to illustrate your data)

So what does that empathic response look like?

When we're engaged in a story that matters to us our brain releases 2 chemicals - cortisol (to help us focus our attention) and oxytocin (to increase our ability to care and connect).

That means stories actually have the power to change out brain chemistry and our behaviour.  

You can learn more about the research by watching this YouTube video.

Great, so there's actually scientific evidence for all this storytelling hype.  Which might leave you with a few questions like...

1.  How can I choose stories that will resonate with my clients?

2.  How can I integrate my personal stories and life lessons into the narrative of my business?

3.  How can I become a better storyteller?

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How to Use Storytelling the RIGHT Way

The stories you tell to convince consumers they need your company and products are essential.  And storytelling is so hot in marketing right now it's like The Weekend's performance at the 2015 VMA's (if you don't know who that is - ask a teenager).  It's important because your story will determine what kind of clients you attract.  You want to attract the right ones for your business (and repel others).  It's also an essential part in establishing that emotional connection.

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