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6 Ways to Take the "Solo" Out of Solopreneur

Let's face it sometimes being an online entrepreneur has some pretty kick-ass perks.  

There's working in sweatpants or cut-offs and reusing the same ones day after day thereby saving the amount of time you spend doing laundry.  There's making your own hours and switching them up whenever it suits you.  There's getting to Skype with fellow entrepreneurs from all over the planet (I swear this will never get old).  And there's the win/lose situation of being steps away from your kitchen (if remember to stop long enough to eat).

But it can also feel REALLY isolating.

Especially if you don't know anyone in your offline world, (aka real life) who's also running an online business.  Someone you can commiserate with when your brilliantly designed Facebook Ad flops.  Or celebrate with when your new lead magnet doubles your email list.  Or brainstorm with when you need a backend workaround for hosting your very first online course you're not sure anyone will buy and you don't want to shell out the big bucks for a course platform yet.  Bootstrapping at it's best, baby!

The thing is, most of your friends if they're really really good friends will nod and sympathise or congratulate you and then change the subject.  Because they have no idea what you just said and frankly they don't want to invest the time or energy to figure it out.

That's okay.  Most people aren't as passionate about their jobs as we are.  Most don't enjoy talking about work, thinking about work and learning about work while they're not working.

Which can make you feel like a big giant freak of nature some days.

So here are my best tips for taking the "solo" out of solopreneurship and realising you're not a freak and you're not alone. (full disclosure: affiliate for the last one big fans of all the rest)

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