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Soulful, Slow Business

I'm feeling the need to sloooooow down.  Funny, because winter is more than half way through but my body + soul have been whispering the last few weeks that it's time to hibernate.

Actually, the image that kept coming up for me was a cocoon.  It's time to slow way down & just cocoon for a while.

Which sounds blissful, doesn't it?

The only problem being that I seem to have created this go-go-go-full-steam-ahead lifestyle.  I've been crazy busy trying to "implement".  Trying to do all the things it takes to have/create/run a successful business.  Which has left me feeling less focused than ever, more stretched, spread too thin, trying to be everywhere at once - and guess what?  Mostly failing.  Mostly not getting any of the results that I crave.

But slowing down feels scary.

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