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Summer Rhythms & The Freedom of Flexibility

Summer always has its own rhythm.

It's kids out of school.
Winding road trips.
And beaches that beckon.

It's long days that stretch into sunsets & bonfires.
Good books & good chai under the shade of a silver maple.
Walking every trail you can find just to be in nature.

With the outdoors begging for barefoot adventures & iced lemonade calling from the side of the pool it can feel down right oppressive to be stuck inside staring at your computer screen.

Aside from moving your home office to your patio (something I do every chance I get) or grabbing pen + gorgeous stationery to strategize, dream & write on picnic blankets beneath shade trees, the question becomes: how can your business be flexible enough to accommodate seasonal schedules?

Even if you're not rocking the digital nomad life & your roots run deep.  And even if you've got small children who thrive on routine.

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