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A Conversation with Resistance

Ah, my old friend resistance.  The single most persuasive voice I've ever heard.  You know all my secrets.  All my fears, all those deepest of desires that it will break my heart to try for and fail.  Resistance knows just what to whisper, so it sounds...
to delay, keep thinking, hold back, try something safer, to quit altogether before the idea has even been hatched.

You can be oh so sly, sounding-like-common-sense-but-sneaking-in-back-door-doubts.  Don't bother trying.  It probably won't work out.  You've never done it before.  Aren't qualified, or experienced.  Haven't got it all figured out.

Except what if you try anyway?

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Self-Sabotage, Success & Why Mindset Is Everything

Sometimes, when we struggle in one part of our biz it feels like EVERYTHING is starting to unravel.  I had massive resistance this week over sending out emails.  Something we do everyday, right?  And yet, I was dragging my feet, dreading the send button (taunting me with its orange rectangular finality) and otherwise finding every other meaningless task to fill my time.

What I couldn't figure out was...why?

And soon this feeling of sluggish, unmotivated inertia crept into everything else.  I skipped posted to social media for a couple of days.  I slowed way down on my usual engagement in my favourite online spaces.  My writing felt slow & burdensome.  Even client work began dragging.

I tried meditating.
I tried journaling.
I rationalised with feelings of exhaustion & sadness from the funeral last week.
I waffled between pushing through (which felt arduous) & compassionate time to breathe (which felt like giving in to the resistance monster).
I even questioned if I was getting depressed.

All because I couldn't send out some emails? (Seriously?!  I mean WTF?!)

So instead of spiralling further into self-doubt & despair I did something radical.

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