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Fast or Slow, High or Low: An Exercise in Positioning Your Brand

Positioning is everything.

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the marketing gurus talk about “positioning” your brand and rushed to Google that mo’ fo’? Then surreptitiously fallen into a trance reading one boring, jargon-filled marketing article after another?

When I was first starting out my brand positioning was mostly unconscious. I thought it was essentially the same as picking a niche (something else I resisted FOREVAH). I ended up just kinda landing where I landed…unsure if that’s where I wanted (or needed) to be. My positioning was done by default and intuition instead of consciously with intention.

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The Secret Sauce to Positioning Your Products (or Services)

If you've ever had a conversation with another human being you know we love to talk about ourselves.  We may have grown out of our egocentric ways in toddlerhood but, as it turns out, we are never far from our own minds.

Now before you start sighing about the state of society, this is actually great news.  Trust me.

Because when you're clients (or potential clients) are talking about their lives in a completely organic way you're getting all kinds of juicy info you can use to position your products in a way that'll be meaningful to them.

The more detailed and specific that information is, the better.  As I've said before, demographics just aren't going to cut it.

Once you start to gather specific information about the lives of your target market (without turning into a creepy internet stalkerazzi, I promise) the most important question you can ask is WHY.

Why changes everything.

Why changes how you position your product or service.  Why allows them to see themselves in what you're selling.

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