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You Are Enough...Seriously. (A Rant on Feeling like an Imposter)

It's time to light a fire to the beliefs that are holding you back.  The beliefs that whisper...

You'll never make it because you don't have all the answers.
You'll never make it unless you hustle harder - no time for rest.
You'll never make it unless you copy "their" method.

Or a thousand other ways that inner critic says you're not worthy.

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Silent Screams, Creative Blocks and Strange Paradoxes

Have you ever had that nightmare where you scream but no sound comes out of your mouth?

I've been feeling completely creatively blocked this week.  Sort of like screaming without making a sound.  And it's every creative's nightmare.  I've written 4 blog post which doesn't sound much like being blocked.  Except every one of them was sub-par.  Wasn't what I really wanted to say.  They all meandered off topic and ended up whimpering quietly into nothingness.  I couldn't share them. Hell, I didn't even want to go back and edit them.

Truthfully?  I almost didn't have the guts to share this with you. 

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