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Don't Regret Oversharing. 3 Rules to Determine Just How Perfectly Imperfect Your About Page Should Be.

We've ALL heard that your About page is like a first date.  

BUT I think it's more like a blind speed dating wheel of torture where they might land on your space for a second but if they aren't immediately in love with the experience you've got waiting for them, then they're spinning the limitless wheel of internet fortune again.  Looking for something that feels right to them.

On the one hand...

You want to present a polished, perfect, professional YOU that screams I'm fun & legit so work with me!  But not in an overbearing, manic kind of way, subtle, girlfriend.

On the other hand...

We can't just ignore the scorch-your-toes-hottest-trend in the online biz world towards getting real, raw, authentic and a little round around the edges.  But don't start picking your nose on live video, I don't care HOW REAL we get that is NEVER OKAY.

So, how to do you figure out what' right for your brand?  How do you figure out what image you want to cultivate on your About Page?

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