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Stop Kicking Your Own A** & Start Creating (aka The One That Got Away)

The one that got away...

No, that's not a euphemism for some guy I dated in high school & still find myself mooning over what might have been.  Thankfully, I can say I don't have any of those particular romantic ghosts. 

I'm talking about clients.

The client you said no to because your calendar was full.  The client you said no to because you hadn't stopped to take a breath in 6 weeks and your creativity was stretched and sanity slipping.  The client you said no to because you promised yourself you'd get a handle on this work/life balance thing.

And double-booking isn't balance.

Except literally days after you say no you watch their business blow up.  I mean REALLY blow up (which is truly awesome for them).  And to make matters worse another client cancels last second.

So now you're officially on vacation whether you like it or not.


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