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Why You Need Creative Names for Your Products & Services

Naming your products or services is hard!  Not quite the level of naming your children (the hardest) or your business (the second hardest) but close.

And naming architecture matters.  What you call your products or services matters to your business and it matters to your clients.  


Because your product names are another opportunity to emotionally connect with clients.  They're another opportunity to shout out your worldview and have your ideal clients recognise themselves in what you're selling in a way that gets them excited to buy or to be a part of your brand experience (at least, I hope you aim to make it an experience).

And the names you choose for your products/ services will attract certain types of people to your business.  Which is why package 1, package 2 and package 3 just ain't gonna cut it!  Or the ever popular bronze package, gold package and...wait for it...platinum package (didn't see that coming did ya?).  

I hope you're groaning and rolling your eyes as much as I am, it means you wouldn't dare use those in your own business.  But if you have fallen into the trap of lame overused package names then pay attention - because I'll be telling you WHY it's so important to come up with something more creative and giving you step by step guide to create names you'll love.

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