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Bravery Despite the Butterflies: for every woman entrepreneur

I see you.

I see your caffeine-fueled hours spent hunched in front of your screen, scraping every last ounce of creativity from the insides of your skull to make your biz run.  I see how driven you are to making your dreams succeed.

I see how the butterflies hurl themselves against the sides of your stomach and your heart beats wildly every time you...
present a new offer,
go live online,
hit send,
walk on that stage.

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You Actually Can't Have It All

I know what you're thinking.  What do you mean I can't have it all?  I can hear the slightly panicked not in your voice.  And see the slightly crazed look in your eye.  You're practically glaring at me through the screen.  

Because you - like me - have been brainwashed (I'm looking at you Hollywood) into believing you CAN have it all.  And even worse, you SHOULD have it all.

First what does having "it" all look like?  Well, it's probably a little different for everyone but I think it goes something like this.

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