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Overcoming the Fear of Launching

Launching is terrifying.

Whether it's launching your freebie opt-in, launching a 5-day challenge to build your tribe or launching the signature program you've been creating for months.  It's one of the scariest things we do as entrepreneurs on a regular basis.

It's also something that's definitely on my list of things to learn to do better this year. ;)

Why is it fear factor 9657?

Because every time we launch our ego jumps out of our chest and says, "What if no one buys?"  "What if all you hear is crickets?"

Which feels like a confirmation of everything that doubt-ridden little voice in our heads has ever had to say about us...being good enough to get paid, being worthy of attention, being a true professional or creative, ever having a chance at pulling off this "entrepreneurship" thing.

The voice that whispers success ain't for you dear, you're never going to make it the way those other did.  Better pack up now.  Take what's left of your pride and go back to the safety of a regular j.o.b.

At least you gave it a shot.


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