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Connection is in the. . . Details.

One of our natural urges, when we're writing, is to get straight to use sweeping generalizations so we can say as much as possible in a few words as we can.  I get it, I've been guilty of this too, at times.

But, when you paint with broad brushstrokes when you skip over the details in favour of short-cuts and generalizations you're depriving your audience of a deeper connection with you.

Connection is hidden in the details.

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5 Filters for Editing that will Improve Your Writing Right Now

THE RULES: Only apply ONE filter for editing at a time.  Do NOT try to do them all at once.

If you can, enlist the help of trusted friends.  Give them one thing to look for.  For example, "Can you look for clichés?"

Always give yourself 24 hrs between writing. . . and editing.  So your brain has a chance to forget and can stop filling in the blanks with what you're trying to say long enough for you to actually see the blanks.

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The Curse of Intangible Concepts

Places soapbox on top of the stage (I'm only 5'6" so extra height is needed).  Taps mic to make sure it's on.  Pushes her glasses up on her nose and clears her throat...

I don't care what industry you're in the curse of intangible concepts affects us all.  I see it everywhere I go.  I talk about it over & over with entrepreneurs all over the world.  I'm hired to fix it because most people recognise there's a problem but don't know...

a) WHY their words feel "off" or "not quite right"
b) WHY their words fail to connect
c) or how the hell to fix it

So, listen up because if you can fix this your copy has a 732 % better chance (zero scientific research to back that number up) of making an emotional connection with your clients.

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