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What if?

Those two little words can send us into spirals of self-doubt & fear, resistance & procrastination, and. . . hesitation.  We give those two little words so much power over our sanity & stress levels.

I think we can take those words & use them to flip the script.  To make "what if" full of optimism, possibility & hope.

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Hope is the Thing That Grows in the Darkness

Holy sh*t it feels crazy vulnerable to be writing this to you.  Writing this here for everyone to see.  But sometimes you just feel compelled, ya know?  

I don't know about you but I had a really hard time writing/ creating the last few days.  It felt like slogging my way through mid-calf high thick, wet mud.  My brain felt sort of broken or frozen.  Definitely preoccupied.  When a friend asked me to help come up with a fun tagline all I could muster was cheese.  Line after line of nothing but stinky, mouldy, blue, cheese words. (update I've since come up with a winner but the first few I messaged were seriously embarrassing)

There were times in the last few days where I felt like I could sense the sadness, anger & anxiety of the whole world.  It didn't feel like it was my anger or sadness or fear.  It didn't feel like it belonged to me, at least not all of it.  Yet, I felt it deeply.  It was so strange you guys.

The things I had planned to write to you about this week, what I'd been nurturing in the back of my brain, will have to wait for another time. I couldn't force them onto paper if I tried.
Instead, this is what begged to be written.  And sometimes, you just have to listen to the muse.

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