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WARNING: You're Losing Money By Not Maximizing Curiosity

"Curiouser and curiouser," was Alice's remark upon tumbling down the rabbit hole.  But instead of all those strange creatures giving her pause, it was her curiosity that became one of the driving forces that led her through the book.

Perhaps Lewis Carroll knew instinctively that our brains are hard-wired to be curious.  It's an evolutionary advantage you see, to pay attention to novel things.  In case that information might be valuable for our survival.  So how can you use this built-in biological instinct to your advantage?

In business, evoking curiosity in your audience can prove essential to your bottom line.  If you want great click-throughs on social media, email campaigns, PPC ads, you name it you need an element of curiosity.  Hell, even if you just want to keep them reading.  Then you need to craft headlines with curiosity and tease it out slowly.

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