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Permission NOT to be The Guru All The Damn Time

Somewhere along the way Zuckerberg or another expert, I'm not really sure who, decided it was bad for us to share other people's content on our business Facebook pages.  Thus ushering in the era of feeling ALL the pressure to come up with 7 original, witty, compelling, commentable (new word, not to be confused with commendable) things to post every week - 365 days a year.

Original opinions only, please.

Tell us all the things you know.  Sprinkle in a few beautifully crafted quotes you whipped up in Canva.  Add some videos & Facebook lives to keep it fresh.  Maybe the occasional gif to keep us laughing.

It became the "you" show.  All day, every day.  And I think this mentality is spilling over into every area of our business.  (No wonder narcissism is on the rise)

And it feels. . .overwhelming and EXHAUSTING.

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