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Shiny Objects, The Fear of Missing Out & Permission to Create a Business That Feels Good at Your Own Damn Pace

I think we can universally agree that being an entrepreneur can be a little crazy-making.  If you ever want the humbling experience of realising just how much you don't know...start a business.

You have to figure out how to blog, grow your list, design your website, build your website, copywriting, email marketing, social media, Facebook ads, legal stuff, taxes, managing money, which software & companies to use to help run your company, managing clients, perhaps managing inventory, definitely managing your sanity, etc.

Suddenly every time you see a free webinar on "how to grow your list to 10,000" or "how to get published on major media channels" or "how to design your purpose-driven-heart-centred brand" you're spending hours watching presentations & webinars or reading emails all of which promise they hold the answer to you gaining traction in your business, clients in your door & money in your bank.

Believe me, I've seen them all, heard them all, clicked. Them. All.  And my hard drive has been a mausoleum of downloaded files all holding THE ANSWER.

The more you watch the more your head is filled with a cacophony of voice all clamoring for attention, jockeying for synaptic wavelengths, shouting out conflicting advice.  And most importantly?  Drowning out YOUR voice.

I don't know about you, but I never seem to learn.  Never seem to stop clicking, stop consuming, stop distracting myself from my real work.  I'm the equivalent of a toddler running around the internet clicking on every free shiny object (and several not so free ones) searching for what?

Someone to tie it all together?
Someone who says it in a way that makes sense to me?
Someone who breaks down the theory into manageable chunks that doesn't make me feel like a sleazy car salesperson hawking my wares to the poor unsuspecting entrepreneurs of the internet?

Staying focused is hard.  Especially with so many variables and so many unanswered questions.

It's hard when you're a solopreneur trying to figure everything out to make your business successful, sustainable or take it to the next level.  

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